Saturday, February 25, 2017

HA! HA! Heartburn!

Thankful to be in bed. Rocking some pretty amazing heartburn though. Thankful for God's gracious provision for today. I was so exhausted earlier and didn't know how I was going to pull off my girl's party. God provided just enough manna. I'm bummed at the barking I did before the party at my Bit and humbled that my still ten year old showed her so much grace. I was also barky tonight trying to get my kitty kats in bed tonight. They never think bedtime is nearly as urgent as I do.

Thankful for a houseful of precious girls tonight. The Lord has blessed my girl so richly with such fun friends. Loved tonight and watching the beauty of the beginnings of young adolescence and the value of great friendships during this time. May God keep His gracious hand on each of those precious girls. Each of them with so much talent and amazing qualities. Beauty.

In denial about two ones that will represent my girl's age tomorrow. It goes by so very quickly. Lord may I not waste this time that feels so fleeting. The days are ever so long but the years go by in an absolute blink. I truly feel like just yesterday we were taking this precious girl to get her ears pierced to celebrate double digits. Really it was just like last week. Seven more years till she's considered an adult. How? And yet, my heart rejoices over the amazing young lady she is growing up to be. Bitter sweet.

Thankful to be able to put aside the unrest in my head and my heart for tonight. Again thankful for how God is so gracious to provide. Thankful for tears in the shower. I know He is aware of everyone and understands the victory that each one she'd is as well.

Seriously the heartburn is killing me. It's the fun, it feels like a heart attack kind. Yes it is very much heartburn. I ate gluten today as I just couldn't figure out how to eat today without indulging. Just didn't have the mental nor the emotional bandwidth. It feels silly to write that but it is what it is. But think I'm paying my dues big time tonight. So not worth it but I know I would not have eaten otherwise which is not a better alternative.

Reading to catch up till I pass out from the exhaustion or the pain.

So very thankful for all the ways God's gracious hand was upon me today.


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