Monday, February 27, 2017

It's Coming

1. Tired. Tired. Tired. So thankful to be in bed. I'm pretty sure I'll be asleep before some of my kiddos but I'm okay with that. Thankful for a day that was of the lovely exhausted sort.

2. Thankful to get news of new life. I love the Lord's plan for our lives. He is so incredibly good.

3. Heart burdened for a friend who knows exhaustion intimately right now. If only to be able to take on some of the burdens of dear friends. It truly seems like during the trying seasons it is hard to get a break with one wave crashing in on top of another. I know the Lord is ever present in those seasons and that He is good all the time but it's hard to understand sometimes.

4. Struggling with anger tonight. So weird to waffle back and forth between compassion and anger at somebody. Praying compassion will win out but that wisdom will reign.

5. Going to listen to Deut tonight. Behind on reading but would love to be caught up by tomorrow. Eagerly anticipating Lent this year.


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