Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Lentil Soup

1. I was a raging bear come 7pm. That's about the time I really want to be sleeping. The key word here is want to be. There were seven LOUD little people who were blocking my goals and who were taking their sweet time getting their chores done. Just for fun ashes were spread via vacuum on our living room carpet. Yes, there was a child who thought it would be lovely to try to vacuum out our fireplace ashes but the vacuum is not made for such wonderful feats of strength. Thankful I could assure the offending child that even though I was ticked it was more about wanting to be in bed than their childish behavior.

2. The Bit is off the hook crazy these days. I love love love that child but she's just like the boy version of her in our house. I either have overwhelming love and adoration for her or I want to fling her across the sky. Poor thing just has the perfect storm brewing right now. Three years old plus never sleeping plus smelling the pheromones of a new baby coming plus no snuggle buddy equals a child who wants to be held 24/7 or who is destroying something or who likes to argue with me like a belligerent drunk. How sad to realize you can't always get what you want. Love that pumpkin head!

3. I'm a bit overwhelmed with the calendar at the moment. Lots of kid things to squeeze into a short amount of time. Really a scheduled c-section sounds so glorious right about now. I'm so blessed and those words are horrible and lack gratitude but having a three week window is feeling nutty today.

4. Going to try my hand at pen to paper journaling during lent. I don't have all my Lent details put together but I do want to unplug from technology as much as I can. I think that might be a work in progress these next forty days but I'm okay with that.

5. I'm thankful for my friends kids entertaining my children all day long. I shouldn't have been tired at 7pm tonight. Well, actually Bitty Kitty didn't want to play ball exactly. She did sometimes during the day but lots of snuggling time with that girl today.


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