Sunday, February 12, 2017

Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost

Got up today and shuffled into my prayer closet. No big prayer or thoughts as I was still groggy from a Benadryl haze. It was interesting trying to start my day off with a heart bent towards gratitude. That theme was later carried in Numbers this afternoon and the importance of a thankful heart. I want to be a thankful person, rejoicing in the Lord always. Unfortunately, I'm quite the brat and creature of comfort. Mess with my idol of comfort and ease and I'm not a very happy camper. That stinks but it's the reality of the condition of my heart.

Speaking of ease, tackling adolescence is not going to be filled with comfort or ease. It's beautiful growing in maturity with your children. Thankful I have Jesus to be in it with me. That spicy señorita will be a force to be reckoned with someday. I have no doubt that God has great plans for my girl and the spice He has gifted her with.

So much from today at church and reading but I'm super tired and the extra special drama from this evening has made what was left of my brain a mush pot.

Thankful for today for the good, the difficult and everything in between. Still ready for Jesus to come quickly though.


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