Wednesday, February 08, 2017

They Can Smell It

Well I must be emitting pheromones because my littles are starting to turn Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. Bit is already playing a new game called Baby Lilly. Oy! Maybe they will get all their regression out now. They are so advanced and ahead of schedule.

Spent a good chunk of the day outdoors so my beloved could sleep. Low and behold after being aired out and after exploring my kid who truly struggles with school in general kicked booty today. Gotta get some land so I can turn that kid out first thing in the morning and school him in the afternoon after he's had time to do his own schooling first. That kid needs time and space to just earth. My two bigs were extra fired up about land today too after reading a little about Daniel Boone and how he learned all about animals just from being able to observe them.

Really enjoying the sense of wonder that is happening in our home right now. It's only taken my fifth year of homeschooling to fully ditch the norms and not have one foot in the camp I want to be in and the other scrambling to keep up with "traditional" school. Freedom is a beautiful thing and my kids are flourishing this year. My kid who hated math now wants to do math all day long. That is a win and I'm so thankful. Math should be enjoyable. It's everywhere in creation and by understanding math we can understand the beauty of God's creation more. Thankful to be on this crazy and exhausting journey and get to witness their love of learning blossom.

Oh Leviticus! I really love the festivals the Lord commanded His people to observe. He knew we would forget and not put first things first so He built in a schedule of rest and remembering as well as celebration. How good is our God? Thankful to have a Savior who is very much aware of our humanity and knows that even though desperate for Him we often fail to see just how desperate and needy we truly are. Desperate and needy are frowned upon words in the world and yet it's those who truly get how desperate and needy they truly are that get to see more and more of God. Love how God takes the wisdom of this world and totally demolishes it.


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