Wednesday, February 01, 2017

This Is Getting Real

1. Thankful for a beautiful day where my kids could play outside a ton with friends before the weather gets a bit colder again. We also knocked out some school too.

2. Thankful for a lovely meal provided by a sweet friend. Food is always a blessing. I wish I was better at this whole feeding a family thing. Right now it's especially special and I feel pretty foodpid. We are all managing to stay alive somehow regardless. Manna from heaven.

3. Okay so this MT thing is getting more real. Chatted with a friend of a friend via text tonight and discovered a couple helpful things.
- The HS community is hopping to there so my kids won't be forced to be lonely and friend deprived if we move.
- Feb and March are the ugliest months of the year. That doesn't bode well for a babymoon but it's perfect in trying to figure out if this Texan can hang.
- This winter has been unusual which is good to know as I've watched the temps this winter and last winter. I wasn't quite sure which year was the anomaly and I'm glad to know this year is it as the temps have been considerably colder.
- It snows but it doesn't necessarily stick. It snowed 12 inches but it's not expected to be there when we get there. Seems as if my research and theory on the Bitterroot Valley is not whackadoo. It is much milder in that area and it's not snow stuck on the ground and dig yourself out all winter.
- IF we move to MT and IF Hamilton is the spot the friend of a friend's daughter also homeschools and is my oldest age.

I don't even know if moving makes sense at this point. But if it does, and our hearts being stirred to MT is from the Lord it sure does seem like God could already be paving the way. I am confident wherever we go or if we stay the Lord has and will continue to provide every step of the way. The many memorial stones that could mark how God has provided for us just in our almost 13 years of marriage is proof that He has us.

4. Leviticus 1-3. Instructions on offerings. Thinking through what an offering for the Lord looks like today.


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