Tuesday, February 21, 2017

What The Ash!?

1. My great pollen obsession is continuing. I'm going to figure out what my main triggers are and I'm going to go on a Quest to burn every single one of those trees down. A new player has entered the scene the last couple days and I feel like what was already horrible has now become atrocious. I'm hoping for two possibilities for the added insanity. I'm hoping the gluten added this weekend is the culprit or that I have a cold. Strange things to hope for but at least there is a remedy. A cold can only last for so long and I already cut out gluten again. If this is real life then my options are truly running out apart from getting back on allergy shots OR moving to someplace far far away. Being one of the first settlers on the Moon or Mars is looking better and better.

2. Our family schedule has been quite the emotional roller coaster lately. Trips on the schedule then off of the schedule then new ones last minute. Thankful for friends letting me ramble, vent, process and brainstorm with. I feel like my brain is full of ten thousand squirrels. My midwife was here today and my seven real squirrels were be bopping in such a way that I couldn't get one straight thought out. They were extra special today just like me.

3. I'm so zonked.

4. Going to read and/or listen tonight and then pass out and drool on my pillow hopefully till at least 8am. Hopefully, Mr. Peepers will cooperate.


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