Saturday, February 04, 2017


1. Okay so for the last several days I've been a tad nervous that it was possible that Baby Frying Pan was going to make an extra early entrance into the world. Braxton Hicks are part of life with baby in the womb 20 weeks on for me. When I was pregnant with my third I remember looking at different gestational ages of babies and how they faired being born prematurely. My awesome midwife at the time told me the greatness of drinking something with electrolytes everyday and taking magnesium. It was the beginning of my love affair with magnesium which has only grown with more knowledge and a better source of magnesium. Magnesium is my BFF. My midwife also told me to not sweat preterm labor unless the baby was engaged. Have enough babies and you know exactly what this means. Well this little stinker chose to get engaged. With a little engaged head and a tired oh so tired uterus firing off contractions that can get things going even if in my case it's not necessarily imminent. My body likes to piddle piddle before the boom for a good month. Yeah it's awesome fun. Thankfully this little stinkpot got tired of having its head shoved so far down and after laying down tonight has popped back up a bit. This sucker is still riding pretty low but he/she has the whole time. I love this little stinkpot already. Oh how Brown children love to be ornery at times. They get it from their Momma.

2. Tried to get some order accomplished around the ole casa with not much luck. I feel like we had a semi decent handle on order and then it just all fell to pot. It takes like 15 minutes for it all to unravel. I have noticed that extra special chaos makes my squirrels throw a rave.

3. Ate corn yesterday and now I have fire lava flowing down my esophagus. Boo!!! Heartburn so much better on the "program". My inner child will die a bit if I have developed a sensitivity to corn. Also what the heck is up with being middle aged and developing a crop of food sensitivities!?!? I know I'm not alone either! I bite my thumb at thee you autoimmune beasts! I bet people in Africa don't have this problem. I do wonder how much luxury, comfort and ease is truly killing us from the inside out.

4. I like to get to five. I don't think I have a legitimate number five.

5. More Leviticus tonight. Haven't read yet. Just gonna be honest I'm dragging my feet. Hate that and wish it wasn't so but it's the real deal.


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