Tuesday, February 07, 2017


Sleep wasn't great last night but seriously can't complain considering my hubs worked all night and all day. That's gonna hurt. It takes a lot longer to recover from an all nighter than it does as a kid or twenty year old. Thankful for the freedom to head to the park to do school so he can sleep without the sound of seven little elephants running around.

Lots of thoughts continuing but no gas or steam to put them into words. Good conversations with my kiddos. I'm really loving Ambleside and the many great talks it produces. Today we dove into Ruth which was timed perfectly from the sermon we heard on Sunday. They are totally tracking with what they hear. Love love love having them in the service with us. Love that the message can transcend to what we are learning about in school as well. I might be extra fired up today about it all too since everybody was done by 4pm.

I'm counting Ruth as good even though that feels kinda lame to me.


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