Thursday, March 09, 2017

Contagion Overted

I'm thankful that Mudgey's fever is looking more ear infection than flu. The kid is still allergy miserable and popping out some molars but seeing him wobble off balanced and his pain increase when lying down makes me definitely think ear infection for the win. Still giving homeopathic flu stuff just in case. The fever hasn't broken yet but hoping another day or two smelling like an Italian Restaurant will help.

Feeling a little apprehensive about re-entry tomorrow. Although so excited to see my beloved I know I can easily switch into self reliant mode and I'm not always considerate of the very real re-entry adjustments he will need to make as well. Maybe just even being realistic about re-entry is helpful in making it better. Praying to not be near sighted and only consider myself. Easy for me to put unrealistic expectations on my sweet hubs who will be exhausted from a long two weeks of work.

Tired and sleep and Jesus will do me some good.


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