Monday, March 27, 2017

Embracing The Seasons

Heart is aching for a friend in the throws of a hard and weary season. Summer will signal some relief but unknowns lay ahead that can make a Momma's heart grow faint. I'm so thankful that even though I hate seasons like this for beloved friends and for myself I know without a doubt that the Lord's gracious hand is upon her and her sweet family. We can grow so weary on just manna alone but a season is coming where milk and honey will once again be abundant. One day our hearts will no longer be crushed by affliction and things will be made to be as they were in the beginning. May I not loose sight of the hope I have found in Jesus. May I run to His throne of grace and eat the bread of life and drink the living water that nourishes and sustains. May I weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice. May I be bold in love and patient in times of affliction.

Today I sat in a gym and watched my Brownies play with friends. I looked at the many faces of women who the Lord has blessed me with and chatted with a dear friend and neighbor, who will one day not always be my neighbor, and chatted about the Lord. I am always so encouraged by her church experiences and although I have never met her pastor personally or joined the body of believers she holds so dear I am always so encouraged after I hear about how he leads and follows Jesus. God has been so faithful to open my eyes to see His church. Although the church has offered a lifetime of confusion and pain in my life it is still very much alive even in the very places that have caused searing pain. His prostitute for a bride is still His Beloved and He is and will woo all of us to unity in Christ Jesus. One day we will all worship in one accord and it will be more beautiful than we could ever imagine. I can not wait.

Thankful for the many seasons the Lord takes us through. Each one so very important in seeing the beauty in all of them. Lord Jesus please be the sweet lifter of your loved ones heads in their times of grief and affection. May they look back on their seasons in the darkest of valleys and see how you graciously carried them. Thank you for the sweet unexpected and undeserved blessings of a night of night swimming and an overnight in an awesome hotel. This is an experience that our family may never encounter on its "own" but you simply smiled upon us and gifted us with our last memories as a family of nine regardless. All that we have and all that we are is simply due to your gracious mercy and abundance. Oh Father may we not forget that and look down on your beloved ones as those lesser or with issues. It is simply by your grace that we are where we are.


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