Thursday, March 30, 2017

Free For Now

Well six hours of doctor, RX pick up, lunch and grocery shopping later we are free of harboring Pertussis. Well, at least we will be in four more days. It does seem like there is an outbreak of some kind going on according to another dr. Just saw that Pertussis tends to go in three to five year cycles and the last peak was the year Lilly got it and it's three years later. Feeling pretty content about seeking medical advice, doing our due diligence to be wise and trusting the Lord with the rest. I can't hibernate for six months but I can be wise in the choices we make about where we go and not being as free to pass around a cute Brown Baby.

Didn't get to my baby to do list or rather finish it so hoping this Babe will stay put for at least another night. I will be pretty surprised if I'm not holding a baby after this weekend. Lots of contractions just not coming together. Hopefully once my ducks are in a row I'll be able to relax enough to have a baby. It may not matter if I'm relaxed enough or not though.

Thankful for Jesus. I don't have the words to express how thankful I am to be loved by the King of Kings.


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