Friday, March 31, 2017

Houston We've Got A Birth Tub

1. The birth tub is officially being set up. My bigs has been itching for this to happen for weeks. I think her nesting is finally complete. She has her birth bag ready and on our dresser and her scrubs are ready to go. The girl is super cute.

2. My to do list is shrinking but still have a few things I'd really like to knock out. Finding a last minute sitter for Sat or Sunday would be kinda awesome too.

3. Feeling more anxiety about what is about to go down. I thought I'd be more relaxed as things got set up but the opposite is indeed happening. Hopefully if I can knock out a lot tomorrow I'll have some time to sit with Jesus and lean into the fear and anxiety.

4. I may not have more time to get to do's done and my head wrapped around labor but even so it will be just fine. Thankful for God's sweet graciousness so far.

5. Holy crap. I'm going to have another baby.

6. Thankful for a sweet Lent Devo. Perfect to draw my heart to remembering my need for Jesus and yet simple enough for my brain which is so rotten by now.


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