Tuesday, March 14, 2017


I officially love papayas. Thankful for those wonderful little fruits! Heartburn has been insane. INSANE! Yesterday I reached a new to me pregnancy woe of retching from heartburn. I mean can't stop throwing up until it's nothing but bile throw ups. No fun. For the last 24 hrs I've had some relief. Real deal relief. I am so thankful! Papaya is supposed to help aid in digestion so I'm sure it's helping my once again off the wagon diet. I really need to live a paleo lifestyle to feel good but right now it's either been eat what everyone else is eating or don't eat at all. The first choice is better and I wish I was better at self care and planning ahead so I could eat in a way that benefits my body but for right now I've seem to have lost my big girl pants. So I give thanks for papaya and the relief it has brought!!

Pushed through on a scheduled family fun day even though my hubs and I were feeling junky this morning. Thankful we pushed through and had a great day having fun together. I was a tad on the slow side with BH contractions and a baby grinding in tender places. All par for the course. Thankful for this little frying pan.

Learned lots about God's creation today. Thankful for a place to take the treasures found in nature and for knowledgeable people willing to teach. God's handiwork is an amazing thing. Truly I think it takes much more faith to believe that all God's handiwork happened due to chance. Creation cries out and boldly declares the very work of His hand. I think it's why the announcement of a new pregnancy, a new life invokes such joy and celebration.

Thankful again to have my best beloved home. I think the best part of this travel thing is realizing just how grateful I am for my hubs. I take him for granted much more than I would want to. I fail to see all the ways God has blessed me with him and all the ways he is a blessing to me and our kids daily.


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