Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Isn't It Ironic?

1. Found out whooping cough is going around this evening. Guess who was up last night hacking up a lung? I've got two others hacking as well. It would actually be kinda fabulous if we were carrying it already. Five days of antibiotics would clear us all up and we'd be caught up on our immunity. Just need to figure out where to get tested for it tomorrow and if we are, we hope that a sweet baby stays in for at least another five days. Regardless of it all the Lord is Sovereign and I'm thankful to at least know we have been exposed and that it's going around so that we can make wise choices.

2. Really tired and grumpy from hacking all night long. Didn't help that I have an uptick in contractions and my poor innocent children were forced to deal with an ogre mom who would have loved to have eaten them for her supper. Again I'm forced to face the reality that really I just want things to be easy and pain free. A lot of my grumbling and complaining or mood alteration is simply due to me being upset that life is not easy. Entitlement at its finest. Obnoxious.

3. You know what else is obnoxious? It's 12am and I started this hours ago. Need to go to BED!!

4. Got some more to do's knocked off. Still more laundry and swapping to do but got some baby clothes washed finally. Getting excited!


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