Thursday, March 23, 2017

Jimmy Cracked Corn And I Don't Care!

1. Had some fun moments of grumpy trollishness and refusal to look for the bright side of life. Give thanks in all circumstances!?!? Yeah that's for the birds! I really don't think it's for the birds and think there is much beauty and peace in finding gratitude. Today just made it clear once more just how much I value comfort and ease.

Although I couldn't in the moment give thanks for a puking kid with mom diagnosed flu, I could give thanks that the pukes waited till today and that there was no puking in the car on the way to FW or back home or even in FW. Really my sweet little flu bag sucked it up quite considerably. The Piper just had to be paid today.

2. Although having a baby in the middle of Flu Fest 2017 would not be ideal by any stretch of the imagination I'm not fearful like I was when the kids were dropping like flies with a virus causing pneumonia when Mudge was about to be born. Not much has been ideal or on my plan the past three years. God's provision and manna has been amazing. I can trust the Lord with timing and events even if it's not how I would choose it. Wish I could stay in this place forever because the don't be anxious about anything truly makes sense to me tonight.

3. Don't think this baby is going to be on my come at 38 or 39 week plan. Eh who cares. Probably a good thing I haven't wrapped my head around labor or that I even feel ready or prepared or whatever. I could have this baby tonight, which is an actual possibility, and it would be just fine. Ducks in a row is highly overrated.

4. Thankful for Jesus. Thankful He loves me regardless of my sinful nature. Thankful for the ways He is faithful to change my heart and reveal the yuck within. His grace is amazing.

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