Friday, March 24, 2017

Just What I Needed!

1. The last two mornings I've woken up and felt as if labor could be a brewing. Oddly enough this afternoon I got hit with a wave of strange shakiness and what I guess was anxiety??? It's the same transition feeling I had the night before I had Noah. Not sure if this is a new hormonal birth thing but so incredibly strange. Definitely lots of having to lay down my wants and desires and trust the Lord with all the details and pieces of the birth of this baby. A baby before Sunday means either hospital or renegade home birth. I don't think I feel comfortable enough to birth without knowing a midwife was at least coming so if labor kicks in I'm resolved to head to a hospital trusting that is simply God's provision for Baby Frying Pan and for me.

2. Tonight I give thanks for puke. Looks like Bella had two bugs going at once because we have another puker in the house who is showing none of the other fluish symptoms. This Momma won't be able to birth a baby in the middle of puke Fest. I need to know my Little Bit is going to stop being sick and on the mend. I'm hoping my four bigs will escape unscathed. Thankfully my littles have been isolated a decent amount in tvland and the bigs have been taking eye of newt and chicken gizzards for such a time as this. I'm not sure little man is going to be that lucky though. We'll see. Hoping tonight won't be a long one and that we will all get some sleep at least eventually.

3. Thankful for puke bugs, Jesus, friends to laugh and cry with and for my hubs who loves me unconditionally.


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