Sunday, March 26, 2017

Mercy Is Falling, Is Falling, Is Falling

1. Lingering obnoxious cough. Going to make sleep fun. BUT thankful that thanks to eye of newt and bat wings it seems like this funk is no longer digging deeper into my lungs.

2. Got some decent sleep last night. It wasn't good or great but these days I'm thankful for decent!

3. Woke up this morning and surprise surprise the feeling of impending labor was gone. I have switched into a very clear focus of getting my space ready to have a baby. Felt good to knock some stuff of the to do list and at least put a dent in some of the clothing swap debacle. Still have plenty to do but that will have to wait till Tuesday afternoon.

4. Took the kids to swim at the Gaylord this afternoon. The childlike wonder was so fantastic. Heck my childlike wonder was pretty struck too. Two ladies stopped us and complimented the kids on how loving and kind they were to each other. They were being awesome to each other. That's obviously not always the case but thankful for when they are loving on each other and enjoying each other. I can only imagine how God feels when we enjoy and love on our brothers and sisters in Christ. Thankful for the unexpected blessing of time at a swanky resort.

5. Thankful for a sweet friend who provided dinner and puke bug supplies. Feeding this crew has been the challenge upon challenges these days. We haven't had anyone else fall prey to the bug of doom and I'm hoping it stays that way. Hopefully Mudge has guts of steal like his brother Paul. Getting Bella out of the house for a couple days and then continuing the isolation with just the two littles might have spared us from more spread. If not, I'll give thanks for a down day and give all the more thanks for the sweet precious gift of today.

6. Today finally getting excited about meeting this baby. This pregnancy caught me off guard a tad bit and truly all of it seems surreal till the very end anyway. Thankful to finally start to be able to prepare for this little one that has no name yet. Trusting the Lord will place upon our hearts the right name for this little guy or girl.

7. Filled to the brim tonight with His undeserved mercies. Realizing just how much Days stacked upon days of mostly interrupted sleep makes it hard for me or anyone to cope with life.


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