Sunday, March 12, 2017

Rabid Squirrels At A Rave On Crack

Feeling slightly manic right now. I think I'm experiencing nesting gone wrong. Costume info for the play the kids are in started coming in last night and I've been on a frantic hunt to get all nine hundred costumes knocked out now. So not my style but I know whatever brain capacity I have right now is about to completely go out the window. Thankfully most of them are mostly figured out and I'm not ashamed to pull the baby card if I need to in order to get the other stuff done.

From costume insanity to bday party insanity to Supper Club insanity. My brain is working harder than it has needed to in a long time. Details and event planning and finessing a tight as heck schedule to get everything in by April is enough to have me crazy wired and manic feeling. I can't get rid of that nagging I'm dropping huge balls feeling. Having two birthdays that have been super extended due to my hubs being out of town and the stupid tooth fairy is the icing on my insanity cake. And the two Bday kids don't want to share a cake but they are going to because having to eat cake with dad for it to count makes total sense but it makes me want to check myself into a looney bin!!! I think what is really happening is that I'm dying to switch into get ready for baby to come mode but I can't switch gears till all the other to dos are done and it's all stupid stupid first world problems but it still makes me want to burst into hormonal tears. I need to get a freaking grip. AND!!!!! I've not had my normal constant contractions which has been amazing except guess what started today and they were the "hey don't forget labor is around the corner" kind. I was fine until today and I can feel the end is near psychosis that sets in. Fuuuuuuuuuu!!! I need another two months and a car seat for this kid.

I'd like to say I feel better after offloading all of that but I don't. I need some Jesus. He cares about my crazy and He even is gracious in the crazy.


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