Monday, March 06, 2017

Slamming Doors

1. Tired and trying to deal with my humanity tonight. Really just want to crash but Bday Surprises need to be done. Doing them solo just stinks because it makes what is missing all the more apparent. Makes me think of a family whose heart aches with an ache no parent ever wants to feel. Around every corner is a reminder of what is no longer there.

2. Heart burdened for friends with so incredibly much on their plates. Praying God would woo hearts to Him and for those who know Him that they would be comforted that He will never leave or forsake us.

3. Had an awesome Momma moment tonight slamming doors. My lid was flipped and I so wanted to chill the heck out but I simply couldn't. I at least shut my mouth but went around doing a kiddo's chore slamming every door possible. When I still couldn't pull it together I took a tip from a friend and went on a walk. It helped. Then got to come back and ask for forgiveness for my adultishness. Thankfully none of my kids were "scared" but were rather shocked that their mom was a door slammer. I did make all of them feel bad and when I got back the chores were magically done. Obviously I need to slam doors more often. Not really. Seriously hate being human sometimes. Thankful that grace abounds and that God's grace is sufficient in my weaknesses. I'm clinging to that hope tonight.

4. Heart just heavy and burdened by my sin and just the chaos caused by this fallen world. Jesus please come quickly. But I thank you that it's simply by your gracious love that you wait till every last person can come into your courts.


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