Sunday, March 05, 2017

The Road Goes On Forever

A sweet friend took on my small army tonight and fed them so I could get some time solo. Bless that woman! On my way to knock out a burger craving I've been having I heard the song "The Road Goes On Forever". Oh I'm so thankful to be plucked out of the life where the party never ends. It's a lot like living as a zombie or a man or woman with no heart.

I had lofty goals of all the things I'd get accomplished. I managed to figure out March schedule Tetris and a few other things but feel as if I don't have much to show for my time. I should have put first things first but I didn't and now am regretting it. At the same time having quiet allowed me to figure out much needed things that needed to be plotted and planned out before Baby Frying Pan comes. I need to tack on an Eight Year Old Day Away on there somewhere but need to see how the end of March shakes out first.

My girl mentioned how we aren't doing anything for Lent, not even the Lenten Tree. I have my plan of attack and my oldest son is also reading the Lent Devo but I reckon I should figure out something for the rest. Self focus much? I'm not going to worry much about getting caught up but rather just read the corresponding day when it happens. Not sure why putting first things first is so darn difficult. I am certain that a Devo or whatever is not going to be the thing that saves my minions from the fires of hell but tradition and tradition when it's important is good. Maybe we'll skip the Lenten Tree and just hit the eggs this year. Oy!

Speaking of Lenten Devos I loved this from mine tonight.

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