Friday, March 10, 2017

Two Seconds

1. I am so tired.

2. Thankful my Beloved is home!! I can tell I'm still in full steam ahead self reliant mode. I think due to being tired I know if I stop for a moment I'm likely to not be able to get back up again. Hopefully we'll find our groove and balance again quickly. So so glad to have him back home in our usual groove or not.

3. Honestly I think until April it's going to be hard to not step back and breath. In two to five weeks another member of BrownTown is going to come onto the scene. Few more things need to be knocked out kidwise before I'll feel ready to focus on getting ready for a baby.

4. My hubs was home for hardly any time before he solved all my first world problem woes of wonky phones, broken cords and internet that was not working. BUT joy upon all joys I somehow managed to survive with no wifi or a phone for most of the day. Will the wonders never cease?!?

5. Lent Devo in the dark and hopefully a shower. Think there's only one little Bit left up in BrownTown. Thankful for the ten precious kids sleeping under our roof tonight.


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