Sunday, March 19, 2017

You Gotta Keep Them Seperated

1. I find it fascinating that people who think they are Jesus are separated on different floors in psych hospitals. I would be so very tempted to make them run into each other as a social experiment.

2. Thankful for friends who love us and endure our crappy hospitality. Truly to be loved and known by a group of people for better or worse is pretty darn amazing.

3. I feel exhausted at the thought of all the to dos that are still breathing hot and heavy down my neck. Oddly enough I'm more mind weary than anything. Details and plans and organizing and blah blah blah is killing me softly. All good things but I really just want to settle in and get ready to have a baby.

4. Still mulling on a no drinking article I read a few days ago. It's not so much the drinking but definitely mulling that over but more the thinking through the staining of this world. This world is hard but truly I haven't the foggiest idea about what true suffering is like. How much has prosperity messed up my views on everything?

5. So thankful for Jesus.


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