Thursday, April 13, 2017

Come On Magical 8 Pounds

1. Thinking about all my sweet friends who struggle with anxiety. I feel like anxiety keeps wanting to wrap its horrible tentacles around my neck. Definitely feels hormonal or dare I say like spiritual warfare and it is absolutely obnoxious. All that to say I will be happy when my precious stick boy is at a nice 8 pounds. I do wonder if Bitty Kitty getting Pertussis hasn't messed me up more than I am aware of. Complete and total trust is so darn hard. I lay it down but immediately want to pick it back up.

2. Still laying low and not rushing off to jump back in with two feet. Partly due to wanting to keep sweet Callen away from Mudgey who wants to show his love to his brother with lots of pudgey fingers in the face and even the occasional licks. I can only imagine what Mudge is going to convince Callen to do in the future. Gray hair is a crown of glory. I'm just going to have to repeat that over and over.

3. Sweat fest at night has officially started. Fourth trimester is so awesome!

4. Got lost in the wonderful world of Baby Callen birth photos. So thankful for such a blessing from somebody that is so very dear to me. Truly there is nothing greater than to give birth surrounded by people you love and adore.

5. Postpartum neck and shoulder crick is in full effect. Yes!!!

6. Baby breath might be one of the best smells on the planet. It's worth going through four trimesters full of fun just to smell it.

7. Bummed we didn't make it to church tonight. We could have done it but pushing past the obstacles that started popping up started feeling a bit crazy. Hopefully letting go of tonight will provide a way for tomorrow.

8. Watched half of the Gospel of John with the kids tonight. There was grumbling at first but they all settled in and seemed to enjoy it. I think tomorrow's installment might hit heavy on some hearts.

9. Thankful for so so much.

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