Monday, April 10, 2017

Day Five Day Five Birds and Fishes Come Alive

My poor brain has gone off on holiday. Between hormones, lack of sleep, and a wicked migraine my thoughts are very fuzzy these days.

My sweet hubs went out early this morning to get me a Coke and then later a blood pressure do hickey. When my midwife came to visit the other day my blood pressure was high. For me who is always low it was freakishly high. Spiking a multiday headache that has gotten progressively worse and not phased by Meds combined with a high blood pressure reading the other day were things I couldn't ignore. Thankfully everything is fine and this monster of a headache is probably hormone, weather, grass pollen, etc induced. Thankful for just a run of the mill obnoxious headache.

Still can't believe my newest little peanut is here. Drinking in his freshness as I know it simply doesn't last long at all.

I have a day filled with hopefully a nap, notes for students and wrapping my fuzzy brain and heart around Palm Sunday.

Well nap was a winner and getting stuff ready for PATH tomorrow got done. Trying to write 26 notes to students with crazy thick brain fog is no easy feat.

Tonight I'm thankful for the piece of mind purchased this morning. This headache is out of control. It eased up and I thought had even gone away but coming back with a vengeance. Haven't had one like this in awhile, at least 9 months kind of awhile.

Little man is starting to settle into a pattern. Looking like ten to two in the morning is his witching hour. Taking a nap is going to be my new favorite hobby.

One week out till Easter. Lord help me to sit in the solemnness of this week. I tend to want to fast forward to the rejoicing and not sit in the anguish and the mourning.

Praying for friends who are in their own season of anguish and mourning.


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