Thursday, April 06, 2017

First Twenty Four Hours

1. Mudgey and Bit are HUGE. I knew that was going to happen but no matter how "prepared" I am for it, I'm still always caught off guard by just how much a child can grow up overnight.

2. I'm super dee duper exhausted. Way too many nights of not enough sleep. Cat napped off and on today but hard with sibs excited to hold baby and every Brownie just off from being up way too late.

3. You would think some things would be easy peasy your eighth time around. Not so much. Little man is like a starved piranha with a horrible latch. He's just so itty bitty and the poor thing can't deal with his mom's huge nips. He's spitting up and gagging on amniotic fluid too which adds another element of awesome to the mix. Overall I'd rather go through labor again than nurse. Thankful I got him to take a pacifier without gagging so that I can escape being the human paci. I can't do it! Ouch!

4. I have an amazing amount of things to give thanks for. Hoping a bit of sleep and a shower tomorrow will help my mental state so I can wrap my brain around the last couple days. It's been brutiful as the best things normally are.

5. Thankful for my awesome hubs, Jesus and for this sweet baby taking a paci.


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