Saturday, April 15, 2017

Head Spinning

1. Weighed my sweet stick boy and he's lost a couple ounces. He's still not below birth weight but headed in the opposite direction I want to go with him. I need to be more time aware with this kid till he is well on his way to Brown sized rolls. Thankful for phones with alarms.

2. Another awesome praise is the "cold" stick boy caught is either not a cold or it's being crushed by my "superior" immune system that is full of my postpartum potions plus a ton of vitamin c. Hurray for crunchy potions and concoctions.

3. Figuring out the roots of my baby anxiety. Thankful as I feel like when I dig up the roots it starts to shrivel up the fruit it bears.

4. Seder tonight. Food and company fantastic. In awe that the Lord chooses anyone. We are all such a hot steaming mess.

5. Got an email yesterday that does not feel deserved. It has me really crunching on lots of things though. So unworthy yet He still loves.

6. Read a Hatmaker blog post that also has me crunching away. Not a Hatmaker fan per say but loved the Hatmaker minus the brand. I don't know but fits into the quite my hubs found by Augustine. "The church is a whore yet she is our mother." Little by little grasping that second half. I can even say I see beauty again in the church I am tempted to be incredibly bitter against. There's beauty in the Church and yet every single one is a wretched collection of sinful men. Thankful for Jesus who loves His whore of a bride.

7. Praise God that the tomb was empty. Praise God that He loves us and died for us and is faithful. Praise God that His grace is sufficient in every single one of our weaknesses.


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