Saturday, April 08, 2017

Let's Burn It All

1. Grass pollen is destroying me. Can't shake this stupid headache.

2. The grand hormone shift actually made nursing not so horrible as my friend had predicted. Thankful for that!!!

3. Think poor Callen's guts might be whackadoo thanks to antibiotics. Thankful for antibiotics when needed. I'm sure it will all shake out eventually. My poor Brownies and their guts and reflux.

4. Rough phone call today. Sad for my kiddos and for myself not to be known. It's very possible that same feeling of loss is felt on the other side.

5. Thankful for my hubs who has been wrangling a crew of seven so I can postpartum like a boss. I'm so blessed by that man.

6. Starting to feel flat. Hurray for fourth trimester shenanigans.


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