Thursday, April 06, 2017

Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow

Still insanely exhausted but have the postpartum jitters and sleep is elusive despite the quite. Overwhelmed by the sweet gracious hand of the Lord in my life and the lives of friends so dear to my heart. He provides so amazingly big and small.

Thankful for fill dirt provided for free with delivery for a precious friend.

Thankful to see a dear friend I do not see enough and grateful for precious friendships that can pick up where they left off. Joyful to hear how God is using her passion, gifting and season in life to be the very hands and feet of Christ. He knew the journey He was taking her on and overwhelmed to see His gracious goodness in her life. Time has grown both of us. He is faithful to grow and change us. It's beautiful.

Thankful to see such a sweet picture of just how much the Lord has blessed me with such amazing friendships through out the years. Thankful for the ways the Lord healed the broken places in my heart so that I could experience just how amazing the gift of friendship can be. Vulnerability is hard and can be ever so painful but so worth it. It will be paradise to be with my brothers and sisters in Christ and have no sin or baggage in the way. Oh to worship our Creator together just as we were created to be. Lord let me not loose sight of this picture of eternity with you and all those you have redeemed. Let me not exchange the temporal and my desire for ease and comfort for eternity.

Thankful for the ways the Lord has provided for every last Brownie and not only their pregnancy but the story of their birth as well. Each one with its own flavor and each one oh so perfect that lead to the next chapter of the story.

Sweet Samuel Callen's birth provided for in so many ways.
- Babe that showed every sign of wanting to come earlier but God listened and held Him in till 38 weeks.
- Whooping cough Meds finished the night before he came.
- My sweet neighbor and dear friend was home and was able to take the whole Brown crew shortly after my water broke.
- My water breaking and knowing without a doubt that labor was on. When my contractions finally did come together I was pushing out a Babe an hour later.
- The sweetness of coming on my beloved midwives Bday. It's her first birthday baby too which is so special to me and will be to Callen one day too.
- I love being outdoors. Labored outside in beauty with people I cherish. Saw God's beauty displayed in the sky. Walked with my beloved and got to mix it up with neighbor's which I love.
- Timing was perfect for the two people I hoped would be at my birth, my dear midwife and a cherished friend.
- I prayed for the right songs on my play list and today as I listened smiled at just how perfect it truly was.
- The joys that I had not known would exist with my oldest being there at the birth. Seeing her overcome with emotion after witnessing her brother be born leaves me without words.
- God protecting Callen as he had made a bowel movement before I delivered him. He protected Paul the same way.
- A blessing way that showered me with such sweetness and love and opportunity to show an example of godly community and proclaim Christ. Still no words to express the beauty of that day.

Feeling the exhaustion of a year and have that lovely run over by a truck feeling. Putting my Meemaw Arthritis Pants on too. Could be grass pollen since I've forgotten to take allergy Meds the past two nights. My heaven body is going to rock! It would be awesome if having children equaled abs in heaven.


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