Sunday, April 02, 2017

There Is No Resurrection Without Pain

Up in the middle of the night again with contractions strong enough to wake me but still very sporadic. All signs pointing to them doing something and that I'm indeed in early labor. This is a combination of Bit and Mudgey's labor. I had hoped to be able to make it to church today knowing that hearing the message would offer the last shred of peace needed to fully lean into the birthing process. I almost laughed out loud when I discovered that the message was on pain. God's goodness and love towards me is so great. Even in my unfaithfulness His love never wavers and He is always faithful.

I loved the great reminder that it's not the Lord who leads us to death it is the Lord who leads us through death. It's the pain and suffering of Christ that makes the Resurrection all the more beautiful. Nobody wants to suffer. Nobody would ask to suffer but there is redemption and resurrection at the end of it. The dross is burned off and the purest of gold is left behind. One day for those of us who call the Lord our Savior we will see with clear eyes that the suffering was indeed worth it.

Made it to 38 weeks. He is oh so good.


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