Monday, April 03, 2017

These Brownies Sure Are Something

1. I was fine being stuck in pre-labor land. Really I was. Tonight low and behold they got decently regular and started to lengthen and it looked like this show was finally going to kick off. Then out of nowhere it felt like I needed to push or rather LOTS of pressure. Contractions instantly stopped which is not uncommon to happen when they switch to pushing contractions. The urge to push passed could tell Frying Pan switched position and everything stopped cold turkey. Bahahahahaha!!!!! Position surely is everything. My fingers are crossed for another en caul baby and maybe some inspiration for a name. Pokey McDumplin is sounding kind of appropriate right now.

2. Up again in the middle of the night for needless hours because of my wombmate. I look forward to our middle of the night date tonight.

3. Thankful for today and for the gift of laughter. I missed going to PATH today but I also thought it was marvelous to stay in bed this morning.

4. Thankful for three little pumpkins who are now breathing better after struggling to breath. Each breath is a gift that I take for granted every single day.


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