Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Well I'm Not Drinking

1. Made it today solo and even made it to play practice. The house didn't burn down and I'm not drinking a stiff drink. I'm thankful for the blessing of a meal from a sweet friend because having to figure out dinner after getting home at 7pm might of had me undone.

2. I hate how difficult it is for me to feed the people in my house. It takes so many skills that I simply don't possess. Planning ahead, organizing, executing a plan, cooking, etc. AND I know we need to do a complete overhaul on what we eat. There's too much attention stuff, stomach woes, joint pain and autoimmune junk going on to ignore what we are putting in our bodies. But how!?!? Jesus that's how.

3. Been chewing on grumbling and complaining after chatting about it oh so very briefly with a friend today. I remember reading through the OT and wondering what the heck was up with those stiff necker Israelites that made them grumble all the time. Then one day I looked in the mirror. Grumbling truly is a thief of joy. It causes spiritual blindness and dang am I ever so guilty of it. It seeps into so much of daily life. Hate that.

4. Looking forward for a silent retreat this weekend. I just might write about it everyday. I need Jesus to calm the swirling thoughts in my head. So many question marks and so many "I don't know what to do's". I need eight user manuals.

5. In the midst of the Forrest of Question Marks I am going to celebrate and give thanks for sweet moments interspersed between much frustration. Tonight my boy told me he couldn't wait till he could read a book. I gave him a funny look and assured him that he could read a book and had him grab one off the bookshelf. It's still very labored reading but he's fighting through it and read part of a book. The kid beamed. As I write that I know at least in part some of my answer. Part of me has wondered if we can just keep up what we are doing and eventually he'll be able to read well enough. BUT I know dyslexic kids can read not only read well some can become amazing readers. Oh how this boy wants to read. He's poured over books since he was a little bit and for him to walk away not just reading well enough would be pretty amazing and a gift to him. MRI's done before and after shoe how a good dyslexia program can "rewire the brain". Where's the lot casting party when I need one?

6. The imagery in Zech tonight was interesting. Our sin in an iron pot with a woman named wickedness. He spoke to all His prophets in such a unique way. Fascinating and so endearing to me.


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