Friday, May 05, 2017


1. Don't remember much about today. Five plus hours at RPL today. Sweet hubs brought us food and helped out. I love that man. Bummed about missing an opportunity to offer a ride but had a good crash and knew I didn't need to be driving around. When the brain fog sets in I'm quite the idiot driver.

2. Hubs met with the pastor of the church we are attending right now. Again overcome by how we have been welcomed to just be with no pressure to be members. Second time a church has given us the freedom to allow their body to be a place of rest and a safe place. Gets me choked up.

I remember thinking how bold it was to basically call out all the "freeloaders" who weren't getting on board and becoming a member. Yes! Battleship not cruise ship! That would be great if church was supposed to be a battle ship. Went to lunch a couple Sundays ago that was quite the divine appointment and it was said that the church should be a hospital not a battleship. Aren't we all just a bunch of people wounded by the fall?

3. Mudgey stopped thrashing about finally and I'm fading.


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