Wednesday, May 03, 2017


1. I feel like Dr. House tonight. I took a lovely dive into adrenal fatigue land and wound up finding a connection on the MTHFR gene mutation. My lip tied babies were a much needed clue. I looked up symptoms on this mutation in kids and the list is not far off from my bunch. I feel like a dang genius and I have hope. Hope that we can all get well and our lovely brains and guts can get healed. One step at a time though.

2. My days feel like a foggy haze right now. When I'm sitting on my booty at home it's not bad, it just is. When I need to pull myself together and get my brain to work I feel like I'm walking in thick sticky mud. But even though I'm experiencing the fun of some sort of crash I'm so darn excited about my discoveries that I can do a jig jiggity jig! Can I say that I think MTHFR gene mutation was given quite the appropriate name.

3. Had a moment of clarity that I will probably forget tomorrow. I have a choice over whether or not I get angry at stupid crap my kids do or don't do. Wish I could hold onto that clarity.

4. I want to throw my stupid phone into the deepest depths of the ocean. One day my turkeys are eventually going to have their own and I am leaving a horrible example for them. Zombie checked out parents stinks. So easy to want to escape when I feel like crap, I'm exhausted and i feel overwhelmed. I need to figure this thing out though because I know my brain is being rewired and everything feels so darn urgent which is total hog wash.

5. Hog wash. I really like the sound of that. Oh hog wash!

6. Zechariah 12: wish my brain worked more. Think this is supposed to be in the future though. The vision in my head of all the nations coming against Jerusalem looks very similar to the battle in Lord of the Rings.


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