Wednesday, May 17, 2017

It's Time

1. Mil leaves tomorrow and I'm itching to get into a groove as our new normal. I need to be realistic about our new normal as sweet Frog Boy nurses 24/7. He needs to but it's rather exhausting.

2. Itching to purge everything. We have way too much muchness. Took a pass at purging more clothes that are hanging up in my closet. Hanging onto stuff that I might fit back into someday is ridiculous. It's as if I'm waiting to catch a leprechaun.

3. Okay I don't get the trend to dye your hair as if it's gray or steely grayish. Then when these youngsters do get gray they dye it to hide the gray. I'm so not cool.

4. Rev 6. Wowzers. Heaven seems pretty mind blowing.


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