Tuesday, May 30, 2017

To Pin Or Not To Pin? That Is The Question.

1. So broken wrist boy did not come home with a sparkly cast. The orthopedist could have set the bone in office but it would have been traumatic for our boy. Protocol for this kind of break is to put a kiddo out to make sure it gets set correctly. This growth plate thing needs to be set right. So we get to decide if we want the doc to put a pin in the break to secure it. Right now if we don't pin it, he'll go home in a splint and get a cast in a week. If the bone shifts in that weeks time then it would be back to the surgery center to be put under again to get a pin. Thinking about all the dang shenanigans that goes on in this house and how a brother already punched the broken arm I think a pin from the get go makes wonderful sense.

2. Think biggest boy has tonsillitis. We fought the funk valiantly but after a day being fever free and better fever came back and his neck started hurting. After consulting with our fabulous new doc he said no need to rush off to urgent care could wait till tomorrow. It would have been easier to throw antibiotics at it but had to at least try to kick it in order to get off the dang antibiotic strep rodeo. It's a whip and it's killing their guts. Everything I've read just confirms that antibiotics sets you up for another round of strep. No good! Thankful for modern medicine when the bugs are stubborn like me.

3. I've been a turd kid towards God. My sense of entitlement for ease is ridiculous. It's hard and it's okay that it's hard. He's got me, He really does and He's got our kids too. So many things to be thankful for. A broken wrist instead of a concussion. No poison ivy or illness on broken wrist boy. Good medical care. Healthy kids. Work for my hubs. Health care sharing. So many things to give thanks for. Much better when I remember the Lord's mighty hand and take cover under His wings. What a blessing gratitude is for the heart. Thankful for Jesus.

4. Gonna try the Book of Common Prayer tonight.


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