Saturday, May 27, 2017

Two Out of Three Ain't Bad

1. Throwing in the towel with one of our streppies. He seemed to be getting better but then started really tanking last night. There's another remedy that might work better for him but can't buy it in a local store. Praying he wakes up feeling better in the morning but he's looking really rough tonight.

2. Dumb headache eating my brain.

3. Frog Boy let my hubs hold him for almost an hour today. It was glorious. It was nurse-a-thon this afternoon but thankful to be able to throw in a load of laundry, load a dishwasher and get a shower.

4. Woke up this morning overwhelmed at the thought of facing the day. The exhaustion is so thick and heavy in the morning. Somebody must have been praying for me because as Brownies piled into my bed gratitude overwhelmed my heart. Perspective can be hard when exhausted. Thankful Jesus blessed me with eyes to see past the exhaustion this morning.

5. Thankful for hearing the joyful sounds of two precious girls belting out Hamilton this evening. Thankful for the precious friends the Lord has blessed my girl and me with.

6. Frustrated by a kiddo whose code is especially hard to crack. Hard to know when grace becomes enabling and when certain consequences become agents to control that lack empathy and grace. I think overall a more ridged schedule is needed to whip this household into shape. I will admit that makes me feel stifled and suffocated a bit but I think in the long run will actually lead to more freedom. The hard thing for me will be getting my buns up earlier. That probably doesn't mean getting up much earlier than my kids to have an hour long bible study etc. That's just not my jam but I can get up earlier and get us all up and at em and exercised to have our hearts pumping. I don't "got this" but I trust the Lord to lead and equip. He is so faithful.

7. Sweet baby on my chest. So thankful for this precious boy.

8. Thankful for my amazing hubs who deep cleaned the kitchen and organized one of our cabinets. So this is love!

9. Migraine. Boo!

10. Revelations and bed. Bummed about no church tomorrow. Hoping this ragamuffin crew can rest up.


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