Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Well Slap Me Silly And Call Me Bojangles

1. Broken wrist boy is pinned and resplinted. He had a rough go coming out of anesthesia and the surgery center ran the place like a fast food joint which made Papa Bear and a Momma Bear ANGRY! But he has minimal pain and is doing well now. In a week they will check to make sure everything is in place correctly and if so he'll get a cast for three weeks and another check in X-ray. Thankful for modern medicine and other than the surgery center great medical care.

2. Thankful for Dr. C! Biggest boy has a peritonsillar abscess. It can be a complication of strep BUT the dr thinks strep is already gone. This makes me think he never had strep and we never had a relapse of strep but rather something else. Les and I both have throat funk going on that we have been throwing all the natural antibiotic stuff at to no avail. I've had strep and this throats funk surely is not it. I'm guessing the mystery plague is viral and I bet Luke picked it up when he was at the clinic for strep. That explains why Paul "relapsed" before he ever finished his antibiotics for strep. I'm hoping the virus isn't mono. My hubs has already had it but it seems as if there are a couple different strains maybe? I don't know. It's a mystery and I may never have a definite answer. Regardless we are all still fighting some crazy New Baby Plague.

3. My hubs was my hero today. He often is my hero but doesn't get much recognition. Thankful for him.

4. So what can I learn about all this crazy. I think once again reminded to not react out of fear and to respond with the best information I have with wisdom. I ended up on an Australia sight looking for what else could cause the abscess that Paul has just in case one of my others with huge red tonsils but who are not acting overly sick gets one as well. It's funny on the medical sites in the US they attribute the decline of rheumatoid fever due to antibiotics but in Australia they attribute it to the strain of strep changing. That's interesting. I don't feel a need to rush off my other two who look like they have tonsillitis to the dr. Even if it's caused by bacteria antibiotics only shaves off about 36 hrs off of the illness. That's crazy to me!! But if they crash like Paul did last night then I will gladly take them to the dr and pump them full of pills and a heavy dose of probiotics. All in all I learned I can't completely screw it up. God is Sovereign and I can trust Him to lead and guide me as we navigate these treacherous parental waters.

5. Reminded again how much the Lord provides for us. It's been a crazy couple of weeks but the Lord's hand has been all over it. It's hard to trust in the midst of the chaos but His right hand is ever upon us. His love for us is crazy. Heart is so full of gratitude. I know tomorrow will kick my butt but He's in it with me.

6. Rev 18. Saw that DTS is offering a free online course on Revelations. Hmm..


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