Friday, June 02, 2017

Bless This ADHD Mess!

I squirreled tonight while trying to get Frog Boy to bed and watched several videos on ADHD. Oh my! No wonder why BrownTown is such a hot mess. It makes me feel so normal and actually helps me have more grace and insight into my children. I think being a big family we'd be a circus enough but with all of us with our own army of squirrels it's something. Thankful Jesus has our backs. We need Him!

The one thing I am pondering again is more of a concerted effort for my one kiddo. My two bigs have their bag of ADHD tendencies and although they can really beat themselves up when they mess up they don't have the same insecurity issues. I hate insecurity. I could punch it in the face!!

I am super squirrelly right now. So many thoughts at a thousand miles an hour. Back to bullet points.

1. Took Bitty to the doctor today. She was acting totally fine this morning after running a fever and having crazy dreams all night. No strep, no giant abscess. Swollen glands though. Sooo! I don't think we had relapsed strep in this house. Im putting my money on a virus. It fits the pattern fever wise and everything else. I bet Luke picked it up while at the dr for strep. Oh irony! I will say that's it's a mean virus or at least it was really mean to my oldest boy. A good week being sick and a secondary infection to boot!

2. Right babies later and I'm recognizing just how much ANXIETY I get in the fourth trimester. Not sure if I've always been this way or if this is a AMA thing. I'm generally not an anxious person but I sure am postpartum. I think this might be a post Mudge thing. I remember before my issue after a baby was feeling emotionally flat. Not with Mudgey and Ribbit. WIRED!!! And a bit high strung. I'm sure I always have bits of those floating around but it's extra special right now. Hormones are just a peach.

3. Think this might be the summer where we let the bigs bike around the neighborhood more. There is a road they have to cross to get to our neighborhood pocket park and bike to friends that I hate how busy it is. BUT at the same time the fact that they know they really need to be careful is the very reason why they might be safest crossing that street more than any other. It's the places you are least expecting or most relaxed that you get whacked with a car. So is life and my walk with Jesus.

4. My bigs was telling me one of her crazy kid thoughts (she herself called it crazy) and it made me ponder about the Lord. I know I need to approach His throne with much more reverence than I do. Yet, I wonder if He thinks certain things are funny. I know He's playful and humorous but just made me wonder if He would laugh at things such as a silly video poking fun at church culture. You know those Christians making fun of Christians type video.

5. Pumped that my hubs is making the drive home tonight. It's like Christmas! Haven't told the kids that he's coming home either so if they were asleep it would be a surprise for them. They never sleep!

6. Thankful for no crazy injuries and for nothing seriously wrong with Bitty. Thankful for so much actually. God has rained down His manna.

7. Hoping to focus on some scripture.


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