Saturday, June 03, 2017

Devil's Plague

So good to have my hubs home. I love that man.

Good talk with one of my offspring today. Amazing what a handful of Skittles will do.

Think we are all still fighting Devil Plague 2017. It's unrelenting and drags on and on and on.

Thankful for the rain and although not very productive thankful for sweet moments with my babies. They are growing so fast even my little frog Boy who I have decided is now my Little Boy Blue.

I want to purge everything in my house except for the books and I would double the books in a heartbeat if they grew on trees. I just might have my eye set on A set of Jane Austen that are beautiful and lovely. I read lots to the kids for school and have enjoyed those books together but we need to get back to having a family read aloud. It's fun to go on an adventure together.

Too tired to have many thoughts. Nursing Boy Blue and thankful for church tomorrow.


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