Thursday, June 29, 2017

Home Again. Home Again. Jig Jiggity Jig!

1. My Best Beloved is home again! I would do a jig jiggity jig if I wasn't so cotton pickin tired.

2. Two of mine complaining of sore throats again. No fevers so that's good, I guess. Nobody seems crazy ill but the Bitty Kitty struggled hard today. Poor sweet little thing is so exhausted.

3. Parenting is hard. Super de duper hard. It's the best kinda hard there is and worth it but hard none the less.

4. Then you get parenting moments when your kids perform for the family, which is always a favorite of mine, and it's so hysterical that it makes the hard moments of the day worth it.

5. Gotta get off the gluten and dairy again. It feels lame but it's really hard bc it requires more planning. BUT need to do that anyway. I got this! Not really but we got this for all of us!

6. Ditching the internets soon. That includes this for a month. Your inboxes are already breathing a sigh of relief. Looking forward to trying to figure some things out next month. Hurray to VBS and other such wonderful things.

7. Going to spend my time soaking in the Pauline Letters and praying through the psalms. I've never been a meditator so would like to start slowing down the squirrel rave enough to try to slow things down. Want to start my day with the Common Book of prayer as well. I've been a prideful twit and written off liturgy as dry and stuffy and old school. It's so rich though. The more I learn about it the more I love the beauty of a purpose for everything and everything for the purpose of pointing to the cross.

8. Thankful for the Body of Christ. We are one interesting group of total and complete ragamuffins who He loves more than we could imagine.


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