Sunday, June 25, 2017


Sweet and beautiful day. All the feels today. My bigs leaned over during church and whispered "it's starting to feel like home" to me. As I was taking bites of ice cream handed to me by my sticky handed toddler and watching groups of friends milling around chatting together I couldn't help but feel at home too. I guess we aren't visitors anymore. My hubs and I joke tongue and cheek that feeling at home means it's time to shove on to someplace else. We've hit the apex so let's not stay around to see Oz. We are all just messy sinful people trying to get this Jesus thing right.

Lunch outside with precious friends who aren't afraid of my motley crew. The weather was perfect. It was a quite dreamy afternoon. Thankful.

Bitty gave me a slight heart attack today. She decided to hide and the big kids were on a bike ride. I was trying to get Froggy Pants to bed and realized she wasn't hanging with Mudge or Boo. I called and searched for her but no Bitty. Saw the big kids and asked realized she wasn't with them. Her sweet sister Boo was wailing about her missing sister at this point. Went back in the house yelling for Bitty and I heard a scurrying in my closet and out popped a cute little Bitty Kitty. Stink pot! That little girl!


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