Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Hot Little Bodies

1. I love these hot sweaty little bodies pressed against me. Well, kinda. I'm thankful for the body but I wish it was more like snuggling up to a cold pack in the summer. Hormones still crazy out of control and I can never get cool. If I worked in a restaurant I might get busted hanging out in the walk-in cooler.

2. My Best Beloved comes home tomorrow. I might be a little bit excited. Love that man!

3. My biggest boy. That kid really steps up when his dad is out of town. I've seen it happen enough now to see that it's not just a good week that coincides with his dad being gone. This kid really rises to the occasion. One day I'm going to weep buckets over the incredible man he ends up growing up to be.

4. Started giving two of mine half the dose of the b vitamin I take. Will be interesting if any changes take place.

5. My bigs. Realized this girl needs much more snuggling than I have to give in the evening. I like a man but instead of being out of words Come the evening I'm all out of snuggles. Easy fix is to snuggle in the morning. I'm not a morning person and I never have been but come on I can snuggle something fierce in the morning right?

6. Oh so tired. Oh so thankful.

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