Thursday, June 15, 2017


1. Lots of opportunity for perspective tonight. Loss of a child for a family. Can't even imagine. It's so hard to understand. Yet all the days of our lives were already mapped out before the beginning of the world. Lord let me not waste this time with the precious people you have blessed me with.

2. Watched The Impossible with my hubs tonight. More perspective. I have no real clue what true suffering is.

3. Thankful for my soup Fairy that dropped off soup that my kids ate like crazy last night.

4. Thankful for a rock n play Fairy as well. There has yet to be a piece of baby gear other than the Ergo that I've really needed or rather that has worked. Brown babies love to be held.

5. Really dislike my dysfunction this weekend. I've been mulling over this Bday for a long time. Did anything pan out? Nope. Prayed about it too. Maybe it's turned out the way it's supposed to be but I hate it. HATE IT! Special birthday of my favorite person in the whole wide world and nothing. 😭

6. Loved our time together this week. What did we do? Nothing. But we were together and got a few things done. Good to reconnect with my favorite post baby. It's been quite the season. Not bad but still never a dull moment.

7. Grace is such an incredibly hard concept for me to fully grasp.


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