Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sacral Dimples and Scarlet Fever

1. Today when Bitty woke up from a rare nap her fever had spiked and she had a sand papery rash. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck it must be a duck. I'm calling scarlet fever. Thankfully scarlet fever is no longer the same beast it used to be. When I mentioned scarlet fever one of my kids eyes got wide because of the kid in the Velveteen Rabbit. Despite the new suspect rash when hopped up on Motrin she acts just fine. Not perfectly normal but nothing like Paul was. She has a strawberry tongue and her tonsils have wonderful white patches. Honestly I've never seen strep present on tonsils quite like hers but I think that makes sense considering how it's manifesting itself in a rash now as well. Ah buggar! The good news for Callen is that he is most probably protected due to the immunity he got from me. Thankful for that!

2. Plan on contacting the doc just to make sure it's not completely crazy to brave a mild case of scarlet fever sans antibiotics. Truly it's very mild. Her entire back is covered but it's not all that red at least not yet. That makes me think the homeopathic fun I've been giving her is doing its job. Hurray for that! This strep crazy is indeed obnoxious but rather duke it out than battle with reoccurring strep all summer long. Been reading up on how it's starting to become resistant to antibiotics since antibiotics are often given for it. In kids Rheumatic fever occurs in .04 kids out of 1000. But I reckon scarlet fever is rare and we've probably won that lottery. Eh.

3. Saw the other day that lip and tongue tie are not the only indicators of a MTHFR gene mutation sacral dimples are as well. I have one and the three littlest Brownies have one. I simply never thought to look at the others. Mudgey's is the most prominent just like his lip tie is. He's the first one I noticed having one. Today as I was changing Bit's diaper I noticed she has one too and Froggy Pants has one as well. 

The MTHFR thing is a rabbit hole. I think possibly it makes sense to eventually get us al tested for it one by one and find out which mutation it is and go from there. In the meantime this diet thing has to be tackled anyway. Little by little I need to ditch the processed foods and stick to Whole Foods that don't have folic acid added to them. Probably means finding a multivitamin that doesn't have folic acid in it either. Thankful that this doesn't feel overwhelming. Small incremental changes. We'll get there. I have this deep longing for a simple kind of life and it all just fits in. With a simple life there is time to do things like bake your own bread and prepare more wholesome foods. Time to get this garden thing figured out and get on some meat rabbits. 

4. So lots of pondering whether or not to get help for some of my kiddos. At times it feels like praying and no answers. I'll be honest I'm as impatient as they come. I always want to microwave it. Today it felt like God dropped the neon sign. While talking with a friend it just occurred to me to just as my kids if they want help. One answered I think so and the other was a resounding YES!!!! This just confirms my gut that if we don't do something we are going to loose this kid. I know that sounds dramatic but it's not too far off. Statistics bear it out and I can see how beaten down this precious boy is beginning to be. Unfortunately money does not grow on trees so kiddos must be triaged and one seems to be more in a state than the other. The great thing is that if we try neurofeedback and it works then that might also be a great option for the other as well and possibly for all of us. 

5. So this weekend God was schooling me a bit and hit me with a question. It was simple. "Why are you so surprised when they sin?" Why am I? I shouldn't be. I'm a sinful mess. Why would I expect children to have it more figured out than I do? Their sin is simply a reflection of the same sin I have in my own heart. I'm just better at justifying my own sin or turning a blind eye to it than theirs. 

6. I have wonderful expectations of this being a glorious week filled with dreamy family time and time with my hubs. I fear sickness may derail it. My hubs is starting to feel sick on top of exhausted. I want to pitch a raging fit. I feel like illness and other life things have derailed any opportunity for family adventures for a long time now. It's become so uncanny lately that it's starting to feel spiritual in nature and that really sucks. But knowledge is power and Jesus is Lord. Just need to be praying against any crap that is trying to steal time together laughing as a family away from us. 

7. Honestly feeling too thankful today to get stuck in the woe is me pity party. I know on a good day my emotions are very fluid but still trying to level out hormones doesn't make the topsy-turvy easy. Today overwhelmed by the graciousness of the Lord and just how blessed I truly am. 

8. "But you, O Lord, are a shield about me, my glory, and the lifter of my head. I cried aloud to the Lord, and he answered me from his holy hill. Selah"
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭3:3-4‬ ‭


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