Friday, June 23, 2017

Stitches and Ten Pound Pumpkins

1. Stitches removed from a lovely little girl's head. Oh that lovely fiery little girl of mine. Thankful for three strong little ladies.

2. Red faced sweaty kids running back and forth between all the houses is such a lovely thing. If I could throw in some drinking from the hose I'd swear we were living in a different era. When looking for bikes for the kids on Craigslist it was sad how many fancy bikes that were listed that had been used less than a handful of times. A bike can offer so much freedom to a kid. But I get it. I didn't have a fancy bike but I had a nice bike as a kid and it might have been ridden less than a handful of times too as I got older. I lived in what felt like the sticks growing up. Riding up and down the driveway is not very appealing as an older kid. All that to say thankful for sweaty red faced kids and their sweaty red faced friends.

3. I feel like I'm turning into a premenopausal woman. I feel like I could burst into a flaming fireball 24/7. I'd set the AC to 62 if it wouldn't cost a hundred bazillion dollars.

4. My pumpkin pie is 10lbs! He freaking better be considering how this kid constantly nurses. He is going to be a super sweet kid but he sure is high maintenance right now. Big shocker! All Brownies are pretty much high maintenance. These babies that will actually stay in exersaucers and swings and rock n plays or car seats contently are completely foreign to me. Maybe there's no such thing as an easy baby. I feel like I've seen them though.

5. Dwelling on being a living sacrifice, doing everything in love and being in the world but not of it. I'm such a soft American. I really wonder if I have any clue of what Christianity is supposed to be like. How much awe and wonder do I miss out on simply because my view of God is way too small? Thankful for some time coming up soon to get away from my lovely circus and be with Jesus.


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