Thursday, June 22, 2017

Thankful For Phytolacca!

1. Phytolacca is my new BFF. It destroys clogged ducts like nobody's business. Last night I was near jumping on the mastitis train. My body was achy and my poor boob was in a sad state of affairs. I got two doses of Phytolacca in and ate raw garlic before I passed out and woke up feeling better. Tonight just the slightest hint of soreness left but unclogged for the most part. Thankful because nobody has time for stupid mastitis.

2. Kids in and out and everywhere all day long. They even got in an early morning fishing adventure in with their amazing Dad. Exercise and nature does my crew well. They didn't clean up as fast as I would have liked so natural consequence of calling them back in even earlier should do the trick for next time. Want them to learn the value of playing hard and working hard. Both super necessary I believe.

3. Thinking more and more about what it looks like to be more intentional with my days. Truly hard to feel intentional when I am a human paci all day long. I got dinner and bfast for tomorrow cooked and cleaned the kitchen but laundry is still exploding everywhere and sweet Cal had to cry to get stuff done. Sweet boy's tummy is just ANGRY!

4. Today I'm thankful for a wild eyed and screaming middle who so desperately needed to be held but who fought tooth and nail against it. I'm also thankful for a hysterical middle who did his best impression of Nacho LIBRE to lighten the mood. Parenting is insanely hard but it is so good and gets better with time and freaking harder.

5. Started a Devo on meditating. We'll see how that turns out. Tonight thinking on what it means to offer my body as a living sacrifice.


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