Tuesday, June 13, 2017

You're My Obsession

1. We've moved stuff around in our living room a bit to cover up the huge spot of peeled paint in our living room. Kids truly destroy everything. Since we've moved around our bookshelves all I want to do now is get more bookshelves and more books to put in them. I've got issues. My book wishlist is pretty insane. One day I'll have more time to read them all.

2. Thinking about one of my bigs friends who has had similar symptoms as ours but whose daughter is on day 15 of high fever due to mono/strep. My two biggest boys have been complaining of daily headaches since this beast has arrived at our house. If money was no object I'd have blood drawn for curiosity sake to see if we had mono/strep too. At this point it doesn't matter as far as treatment goes but I'm curious as a cat.

3. Been great having my hubs home this week. Fun to have a chance to reconnect and dream together. I've not enjoyed the plague this past month but God has been so gracious to us.

4. Still dwelling on Romans 2. The idea of the law being written on our hearts is fascinating and mind blowing all at the same time. I know we have to train our children to do what is right and good but I wonder if a lot more is written on their hearts than we could ever imagine. I know the fleas we carry can often be the fleas they end up carrying as well.

5. Speaking of fleas, I found one on our couch today. I know it's very possible to get a flea infestation without actually having an animal that lives inside your house. I'm not sure I can deal with a flea infestation at this point in time. Ants and fruit flies have been fun enough on their own.


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