Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Awesome At Settling Goals

1. Obviously my detachment from the internet is still in the works.

2. I saw a friend's tweet via email and I watched it and then fell into a wonderfully refreshing wormhole called Camille Paglia. She's an atheist, a lesbian and a scholar and she's refreshing. It does grief my heart that she is for filled up in nature and yet fails to see why her stances are grounded in the Lord and worships the created rather than the Creator. I'm very intrigued by her. Want to read her newest book.

3. Fourth spent with new friends. My head is still spinning a bit as I process all the stories. I love people's stories. Love love love them. BUT pained by how crushed we all are by the fall. BUT so encouraged that God is greater than the pain, that He's moving among His people, and that one day He will come back. Really I think I have too many thinks for words.

4. Love that I'm adopted. Chosen. I don't know why but I'm thankful.

5. Drank a second cup of coffee after 12pm. I'm going to be up forever yet sweet Froggy Pants is restless so I'm sentenced to a dark room. Will try to put pen to paper by the flickering glow of an iPhone.


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