Saturday, July 01, 2017

Day One: FAIL

Not planning ahead often leads to failure. Unfortunately, I have just enough success winging it that it's still really hard to get ahead of the curve and plan. Oddly enough my failure revolved mostly around trying to plan. It's the first of the month so trying to get my calendar ducks in a row. I've been behind entering dates on my paper calendar so trying to get everything written down I squirreled big time. So deleting email and Safari off my phone to make it easier to not forget or to squirrel. I'm never on a computer. Like maybe ten times a year so this will be interesting. I do think having to get on an actual computer for things will be a pita at first but in the long game will be best. I'm hoping I never want to go back. This is my rage against the machine.

I will read out of my paper bible and put real pen to paper. Exciting times. Still trying to figure all this out. Think we are going to kick the tv to the curb too. We don't watch a ton and we're definitely not a tv everyday kinda family but I know I do use it as a crutch. Thinking through this though bc we have some projects we want to knock out this month while bigs are at VBS and littles watching the glowing babysitter would be super helpful. Oy! Being intentional and not using crutches is hard.


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